LED Indikator Jam, Voltase, Suhu, dan Tanggal untuk Mobil

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LED Digital Car Clock, Voltmeter, Thermometer, and Date.

Automobile Electronic 12V Supply.

1.Function :
This car clock can show: Time \Date \Temperature \Voltage
Five kinds of display Mode:
1. Only display Time
2. Only display Date
3. Only display Temperature
4. Only display Voltage
5. Four kinds of display mode Loop displays

2.Power :
This car clock can be connected to the car 12V power supply,or connected to the cigarette lighter

There are two small buttons on the car clock
Press the left button to select the item to be adjusted (number will blink),then press the right button to adjust the number
In normal display mode,press the right button switch the display mode:1 -2 -3 -4 -5

4.Save the settings
After the car turned off,the car clock will continue working,If turned off the power,the car clock has a button batteries used to save settings
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